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    For Irresistible, a Chinese-language Merthur anthology. <3 

    The requirement was b/w lineart with tones but as usual I accidentally made things harder for myself… o)-( 


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    Medieval Scarves_Merlin

    *unconscious love*


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    I must admit I’ve been having a fair bit of trouble getting started writing BOA. But the problem isn’t so much with the outline or anything with the fic itself. It’s just that the world has been a train wreck/horror show and I’ve been unable to look away. Every time I think I’ll be able to clear my head and get into the writing headspace, some other Trump-related bullshit happens and any zen I’ve managed to scrape together goes right out the window again. The new GOP platform is basically a giant “fuck you” to anyone who isn’t a straight white male “christian” conservative (and I put quotes around that because there is nothing Christ-like about what these assholes do) and I have already lived through eight years of that bullshit with Bush II. This country suffered hugely under their control and even after eight years with Obama we’ve barely begun to clean up the mess, mostly thanks to the GOP swearing off any actual governance. Meanwhile the press continues to jerk off to the concept of false equivalence at every opportunity and they’ve only recently realized that maybe sucking Trump’s dick isn’t really the best use of the freedom of the press.


    I’m stopping now because otherwise I’ll go on all day. But if you’re a US voter but not going to vote this November, or you’re voting for a third party, or you’re going to vote Republican because that’s what you always do, or even because you think Hillary is “an uppity bitch who doesn’t know her place”, please reconsider. The damage that someone like Trump is capable of is enormous and will take decades to repair, if it can even be repaired at all. Some things can’t be undone.

    Anyway. I must say that all of this is not doing wonders for my anxiety. Given that it’s also been a billion degrees out and humid, my normal stress relief of gardening hasn’t been very available to me. So I’ve been giving my indoor plants some TLC and playing with mosaics. And playing Pokemon Go, which so far is the only good thing to come out of 2016. (If they could just keep the servers up for more than five minutes at a time.)

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    modern-day au versions of merlin and arthur - i don’t think i was ever properly satisfied with this one, but i’ll post it anyway.

    i think this one was inspired by a status someone posted on facebook once about ‘losing all 200 songs on their computer because their hard drive crashed’ to which my only logical response could have been ‘pfft, you only had 200 songs on your computer?’ so in my head, that’s what merlin is saying to arthur here.


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    Aaaand Colin as
    Nathan Appleby from the Living and the Dead

    This show is glorious! The atmosphere, the story, and the characters everything is perfect. Colin and Charlotte are fantastic and so lovely! And the way Colin showed how Nathan changed throughout those six episodes is just phenomenal! I think I’m gonna rewatch it just to see how everything fits when you know how it ends. And I’m definitely waiting for the second season of the show :3


    If you want the original painting, you can find all the information [ here ]

    Also if you’re interested in prints, notebooks and other stuff with this picture, it is all at my RedBubble [ here ]


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