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  • Boy, this whole breathing thing has really turned into an adventure this week.

    Whatever evil germs are doing this, kindly fuck off already. I need my oxygen.


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    y'all keep complaining about your series finale, but bbc literally killed every single person in merlin except merlin

    Not only did they kill every character except Merlin, they also left the main goal unfulfilled and literally everything Merlin did to protect Arthur led directly to Arthur’s death

    And they only left Merlin alive so he could live in isolation and misery for over a thousand years without the person who they canonically called HIS OTHER HALF.

    I don’t know what any of you are talking about, Merlin ended when the baby dragon hatched. Happily, and with baby dragons.


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    if you haven’t watched legion yet what are you waiting for


  • Yay for tryptophan and sleep. I feel human again.

    Now if I could just get rid of the chest cold I’ve been developing, I’ll be all set. *coughs*


  • Positive Legion Things

    I need to focus on some positive things before bed. So: Things I have decided for my season 2 headcanon, YMMV:

    David’s alters are not evil. They are there to protect David and want him to be safe and happy and healthy, but it’s been an uphill battle for them to achieve that for obvious reasons.

    Dvd is basically a cranky teenager who mouths off a lot but means well. He almost always acts defensively and without hurting anyone when he’s protecting David.

    Syd still loves David but she needs him to get the help he needs. If he does, she can forgive him, because she understands that he never meant to hurt her. And she understands how people make mistakes and that forgiveness and redemption are essential.

    David still loves Syd and never meant to hurt her and was ultimately broken by the realization that he had hurt her. Even if she forgives him, he’ll never forgive himself.

    David and Syd’s relationship isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean it’s toxic or was toxic all along. Real relationships are hard even without mental illnesses and evil parasites. Even with all its flaws, it was and is something beautiful and good.

    David was framed by the Shadow King and Chapter 19 basically screams this at us in warning while simultaneously allowing it to happen. He is not a villain, and the show is actually mocking/deconstructing the entire concept of heroes and villains.

    David isn’t going to destroy the world. That was just Farouk’s delusion. Also the Future Syd timeline is gone because events have changed.

    Basically everything was Farouk’s fault he needs to stop existing ASAP. Not even die. Just cease existing down to the atomic level. Even the quarks. That’s not a positive thought so much as a personal goal.