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    Trying to date Katsuki Yuri: the Viktor Nikiforov edition 


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    it’s not about the glasses

    hc that victor sometimes doesn’t know what goes on in yuuri’s head, but he tries his best and his best is really great. AKA i can’t stop drawing random domestics help 


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    Bored, Vitya?


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    When your fiancé gets possessed, but the guy is too gay for the demon to phase him.

    A.K.A. I can’t believe Viktor exorcised Yuuri with the power of love


  • Brief Conrad Veidt resources heads-up


    So a little bird told me the lovely @versaphile has been pimping none other than Conrad Veidt at a small fandom panel at the ConneXions slash convention ( @connexionssouth on here, I believe)! She only just told me, too, so this was a great and unexpected delight.

    So in case anyone’s interest was piqued, here are some Conrad Veidt resources on Tumblr:

    A brief compilation post as to why he was so awesome, not just due to his magnetic presence on the screen but his championing of human rights whether it be queer issues, women’s reproductive rights or standing up to the Nazis with a bravery that defies belief: Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Conrad Veidt

    A blog with downloads to as many of his films as possible (he’s known as a silent horror actor, but his range extended *so* far beyond that–especially in his more mature, talkie era phase, that I heartily recommend you check out his later films in particular):


    And on Tumblr, you can find the most Connie content over on my own blog, @aikainkauna , and the blog of the wonderful @filmforfancy ; she posts all things old cinema but has a *cough* passion for Die Veidt in particular.

    Off Tumblr, the biggest Connie site has got to be Monica’s extensive blog here, which also extends to Tumblr on here.

    And as we all know how important fic and other fanworks are for fuelling the fannish spirit, the “piles of smut and fluff” Versaphile told me she mentioned (omg!), meaning the fanfic of yours truly, are here. Many of them are readable as standalones and range from the very very dark and perverse (but incredibly, surprisingly popular) Devilry trilogy to some out-and-out cute Jaffar/Princess fluff, with snarky Renault-humiliates-Major-Strasser in between. I’m the only one writing NC-17 fic of his characters so far, but one can always hope someone else will join the club one day! Especially as Jaffar/Princess is one of those pairings that *really* should be up there with Phantom/Christine and Sarah/Jareth when it comes to darkhet, and Torsten Barring is pretty much the dommiest dom ever captured on screen.

    And add to that the fact the guy was *actually* the way women write men in slash and romance (and completely bisexual and genderbendy in real life, in a more powerful, charismatic and hypnotic way than any other film star I have ever seen) and you’ve got one hell of a well of inspiration right there. I’ve never really seen an actor whose characters would lend themselves to such vast explorations of human gender and sexuality and boundary-pushing fantasy. And I thought I was a seasoned old perv and fanficcer before meeting him, for crying out loud! But no, no… I tend to find that when I write het of him, it’s queerer than any slash I’ve ever written or read, and writing slash of him actually feels less subversive in a way, but that’s another essay or fifteen in the making. Anyway, he lends himself to all sorts, but primarily, ficwise, it’s just one big omnisexual, all-ravishing Dionysian orgy.

    Anyway, here’s hoping this unexpected little pimpage will help more people discover this amazing actor, awesome human being and divine muse and all the other things he was. Come join us…

    Even Bogie knows what a cosy little place it is.