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  • crossroadswrite:

    shit victor nikiforov says after he marries yuuri

    • “hi, i’m yuuri’s husband, victor” instead of “hi, i’m victor nikiforov”
    • “you have to formally adopt makkachin now that we’re married”
    • “should we hyphenated makkachin’s last name so everyone knows he’s your son too when you pick him up from doggy day care”
    • “as your husband…” as an excuse to basically anything
    • “as your husband i have bought you an entire new wardrobe”
    • “as your husband and someone who cares deeply about your health i’m ritualistically burning this tie”
    • “as your husband i think i get a say on wether locker room sex should be a ‘no no’ or not”
    • “no i will not hurry up, beauty takes time, yuuri. i’m your prettiest acessory. no i will not stop calling myself that. don’t sigh at me.”
    • “it’s offensive to me that you haven’t groped my ass once while i’m wearing my new underwear, like why are we even married if you don’t take advantage of how good my ass looks???”
    • “what do you mean i can’t keep buying you expensive things and calling them engagement presents??? yes i know we already got married, we can do it again!”
    • “a fifth honeymoon is absolutely necessary. no, i can’t just call it a vacation. we are in LOVE yuuri.”
    • “i will blow you in the shower if you wash the dishes for me. yes, again. i don’t like touching the dishes it’s greasy and disgusting”
    • “i’m going to FIGHT the russian skating officials if i want to pair skate with my husband i will goddamned pair skate with my husband”
    • “yes i know it’s three am, but you still like being married to me right? what do you mean that sounds like something you’d say?? do i not look happy? that’s it i’m going to *insert over the top romantic gesture here*”
    • “listen if i want to make all my programs about my beautiful husband yuuri katsuki i will. im victor nikiforov, who’s going to stop me? god? i dont think so”
    • “we should arrange a wedding for our gold medals”
    • “i do what i want even if it’s a reckless stupid idea” *five minutes later* “nevermind yuuri says no”
    • “sex tapes are only trashy if you’re not married, yuuri”


  • Victor is Amazing


    I have always loved the fact that Victor finds Yuuri fascinating. We are talking about a man who could get anyone he wanted, who has people falling all over themselves to be around him and know him. He is the pinnacle of his sport and has no real competition; nobody who could truly challenge him. 

    And we have Yuuri, who is an amazing skater in his own right, but through anxiety and self-doubt has not reached his own pinnacle. He has idolized Victor since he was a child, and he’s everything Yuuri strives to be. 

    Victor really could have been to egotistical and annoying if he wanted to. He could have been a self important, unmitigated asshole who required everyone to worship him. But he’s not.

    He finds Yuuri completely amazing. He is constantly telling himself how lucky he is to have someone like Yuuri in his life. He went on about how much he gets to experience things and feelings that have never happened to him before, just because he was lucky enough to find Yuuri. And that Yuuri chooses him is special. He sees Yuuri’s struggles and admire’s how he fights through them, becoming stronger in the process. He sees his imperfections and thinks they are all a wonderful part of Yuuri, and he believes in him absolutely. He finds every fiber of Yuuri’s being fascinating, and is thankful that Yuuri picked him.


  • jinlian:

    yuuri tells us in the early episodes that while he tends to flub his jumps he’s capable of closing the gap with his program component scores. he tells us that he’s known for his spins and step sequences. this means that he doesn’t just have consistent level 4s on those technical elements he’s pretty much the best in the field. his pure skating skills are crazy, like think jason brown for a pre-series yuuri, his technical skills are absolutely on point.

    and we have to question what he tells us about his jumps, too. yuuri’s favorite jump is the triple axel. axels. are. hard. it’s his favorite jump and commentators know it’s his favorite jump, which means this is… a generally consistent very good jump. axels are hard!!! he has the quad toe loop and can land the quad sal in practice, and in the span of just a few months yuuri is not only making the salchow consistent but he then adds the flip, the second hardest quad to land, and seems to master it in a month.

    yeah that’s not someone who’s not technically skilled.


  • photo from Tumblr


    Yuri never like taking those family photos..


  • pipistrellus:


    honestly the best thing about yuri on ice is how many real life figure skaters are super enthusiastic about it

    It’s true

    What gets me is how many of them in interviews are like.. really irritated by Chris in a way that’s like “fucking CHRIS. we all know someone like fucking CHRIS” and it’s like

    …. do you??????? What is happening in Figure Skating that I don’t know about