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  • If you can’t think of anything to say about a fic, writers also like to know:






    - what time it is

    - how long you’ve been reading

    - how many chapters you’ve covered in the last 24 hours

    - what you were late for because you were reading

    - the woeful few hours you have left to sleep

    - the emotional outbreaks you’re experiencing

    - the inappropriate place you’re having said outbreak

    - the general public’s reaction to your outbreak

    - how much phone battery you have left

    I’ve had the joy of quite a few of these comments! I love them!

    I still think of the comment left on one of my fics about sneakily reading it while at a wedding

    Reblogging both as a resource and as a suggestion

    I had no idea this was going to be so relatable


  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 109

    “Look,” Divad says to Lenny. “Farouk needed you so he could get David to trust him. Not the Benny-David who was trying to destroy himself, the Lenny-David who you helped him become. We were there, remember? David wouldn’t have gotten better without you. He wouldn’t have been healthy enough to want things again without you, so he wouldn’t have asked Syd out without you.”

    “And they wouldn’t have kissed and swapped bodies and killed me,” Lenny grumbles.

    “No, but if they hadn’t, you’d still be a red,” Divad says. “And so would we, no matter what color they put us in. You saved us, Lenny. You saved us a lot. Whatever bad shit Farouk put in you, it’s his, not yours. You’re still the Lenny we remember, and we remember, okay?”

    “Okay, okay,” Lenny says, surrendering. “Did you have that speech saved up or something?”

    Divad eases. “I told David a lot of terrible things, so I’m stocking up on good things to tell him to make up for that. But I guess they’re for you, too. Because you’re a good thing in our life, and— We don’t want to lose any of the good things.”


  • randomagender:


    Me, trying to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy: Ugh I’m such a dumbass I should throw myself away.

    Marie materialising in my room: Yes, this negative attitude doesn’t bring you joy. You should thank it for getting you through your past traumas but you no longer need it or want it so it should go.



  • avoidantcactus:

    Constantly torn between “I can’t ask for help bc then I’m annoying and everyone will be mad” and “I must ask for help at every possible stage because I might do it wrong and then everyone will be mad” ya feel


  • photo from Tumblr


    appreciating more of legion’s official promo art ✨