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  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 143

    “Here,” Doctor Orwell says, and hands Lenny the fabric.

    Lenny sees– A black and white video of herself and Past David. Everything in the video is faded and blurry except for Past David, who shows up vivid and inverted. One of the techs moves into frame, and he’s inverted, too. But Lenny’s image isn’t.

    Because this is the psychic filter, and Lenny’s soul isn’t in her android. She’s not really here. But David is. David’s soul is right here beside her.

    Lenny breathes out in relief. Now she has other questions, but– One step at a time.


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    You were in a psychiatric hospital? - Legion Season 3, Episode 1: Chapter 20


  • sameshork:

    snake form crowley is a good concept


  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 142

    Past David is immediately relieved to see her. “Syd,” he says, and the need in his voice is nothing compared to the need in his eyes.

    Need for her. From a David she never met before– Farouk gifted him to them, like a cat delivering a bloodied, half-dead bird.

    “David and I have been getting to know each other,” Doctor Orwell says, her voice calm and warm. The kind of voice doctors use with fragile patients. “He really wants to know where Amahl and Melanie are.”

    Syd nods. “So do we. Is it all right if I sit with him?”

    “Of course,” Doctor Orwell says, and smoothly stands. “Let me know when you’re ready.” She steps out into the hall, where Lenny and Ptonomy and Clark are waiting, listening. Watching through the surveillance cameras.


  • assiraphales:


    while aziraphale is the one that took so long to get to the point where he’s ready to be in a relationship with crowley, the second he does, he’s 100% in No Jitters No Nerves No Turning Back. crowley, on the other hand, now that crowley&aziraphale is a reality, is a absolute certified messsssss

    aziraphale, on their first date: this is so lovely. the food is delightful, the weather is perfect, and you’re looking handsome as usual. every moment with you is a gift

    crowley, short circuiting, This close to bolting: I see a duck