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    Legion - Season 2


  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 20 - versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

    “Oh,” Amy says. “Well, um. It’s good to finally meet you.” She pauses. “So I guess I should think of the three of you as triplets? Three little brothers?”

    She’s trying so hard for them, for David. Even though her voice quivers when she talks, her uncertainty audible despite the electronic filter.

    “Yeah, I guess so,” Divad says, surprised by the idea. He didn’t– David made them to help him survive. They’re separate from him, but they’re still part of him. They’ve helped him live his life, they haven’t lived their own. But from the outside, he supposes that’s what they are. Three brothers in one body.

    Brothers. He likes that. He hopes they can be that, if David can accept them again.


  • So many tags

    *adds another ten mental health tags to When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open*

    Taking a writing break to do some more mental illness research, this time into one of the issues David and I share: dissociation! Mine is nowhere near as extreme, but yeeeeah. I’m being dragged into therapy with David along with everyone else in the story. David does what I tend to do, which is dissociate from stressful things until he can forget them, except life has a way of making you remember them anyway, and then you’re not prepared to deal with them because you absented yourself. It’s not a great coping mechanism, but it’s a hard one to stop relying on, because not dissociating literally requires you to confront the very things that you’re trying to avoid thinking about. It’s a double-whammy.

    With Farouk involved, that means the “remembering” is brutal and cruel. Oh, you don’t want to think about how Amy hurt you, David? Let me show you a vision of her laughing in your face because you’re crazy. Let’s see how that feels, shall we? And then David suffers and Farouk just soaks it in.

    This is one of the many, many reasons Farouk needs to be launched into the sun.


  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 19 - versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

    Finished two chapters today, so here’s another!

    “Hey,” Amy says.

    She sounds like she’s smiling. It makes him want to smile back. He tries to, anyway, but his mouth won’t quite do what he wants. Yeah, okay, this was all a hell of a shock. He breathes, breathes. Amy’s okay. She’s alive. She’s not trapped anymore and Farouk can’t hurt her anymore.

    She doesn’t have a body. Which is bad. But David is surrounded by minds without bodies, and too many minds in one body, and minds that can detach from bodies. The whole mind-body problem is— he’s not sure if it’s more complicated than anyone imagined or completely irrelevant.

    At least he remembers something from his intro to philosophy class.

    “So, um.” God, why is this so awkward? It’s Amy, she’s his sister. There shouldn’t be anything for them to be awkward about. “So it turns out I’m a mutant and I’m crazy.”


  • 90k

    Wow, I can’t believe When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open is already 90k words long. I’ve posted 65k but I have another 25k in the queue. I have no idea how long this beast will be but it’s still nowhere near done.

    The last few chapters I finished (26-28) have all been really good, giving David a few much-needed wins (however small) and laying the groundwork for the back half of the story, which will bring in more focus on Syd/Future Syd as well as Farouk. God, when he actually starts to do more than watch, he’s going to be terrifying. He’d better not touch a hair on Kerry’s head, you hear me?? *shakes fist*