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    Legion (2017 – ) Season 01 Episode 05 “Chapter 5” Directed by Tim Mielants


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    Hurt/Comfort is such an interesting thing. It’s basically an entire genre of fanfiction. I’d argue it satisfies a very basic, vital need–the same way that horror satisfies the basic need to be scared in a safe, controllable space. 

    And yet it doesn’t really have an equivalent outside of fan culture. "Tearjerkers” can sometimes come close, they’re probably the closest thing to a mainstream hurt/comfort genre that there is. But those types of books and movies don’t usually focus on the “comfort” aspect in the same way, and don’t make use of tension and release.

    I think every good hurt/comfort fic makes use of tension and release just as horror does, whether the writer is consciously aware of it or not. Though of course the tension and release in h/c comes from different sources than in horror. Instead of anticipating something frightening, you anticipate the intimacy and/or validation that comes from the “comfort” part you know is eventually coming. That’s what provides release of the tension built up during the “hurt” scenes.

    I could write a goddamned essay about this it’s so fascinating. 

    This is a great definition/analysis of it! I’ve been interested in this too. It’s always been my favorite fanfiction genre. It’s to the point where reading just angst is not enough, there is something left unfulfilled if the character does not have the ‘tension and release’ and just remains under whatever stressor at the end. I think part of the reason I like it so much, is often in mainstream media characters DO NOT have that ‘healing moment’, shall we say. Too often, there may be a sad/traumatic/stressful event and the character is shown to just pick themselves up from it and move on like nothing happened. Which is not realistic as we all know, so I think the hurt/comfort genre in fanfiction is a kind of a response to that. The “filling in the blanks” of when a character needs a moment of healing or validation to continue onward, because that in a sense is more relatable then the “super hero” character who can move through it like nothing damaged them. 

    imo h/c is also built on the trust between two or more people. that when one of them falls there WILL be someone to validate their pain, soothe their wounds (physical or emotional), and not only pick them back up but remain with them even when they’re back on they’re feet. it’s not hurt/recovery; it’s not the super-human, masochist bullshit mentioned above. 

    h/c builds a world in which we (as readers and in part as the parts of characters we identify with) are given permission to fall apart. h/c is the freedom to show pain because you know that there are people who will notice you being hurt – and will do their best to not only comfort you, but will also validate your reasons for being hurt, take your side completely, and help you get to the place you need to be to recover. 


    YES this.


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    Does anyone have that pic of the three cats lined up and the black one has a really stupid look on its face


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    Legion Cinemagraphs/Chase Heaverlo


  • Time Is A Wealth Of Change - Chapter 1 - Hexiva, versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


    A season 3 fix-it, no Switch AU. Written by @hexiva and @versaphile.

    During an attack on David’s commune, Farouk betrays Division 3 to save David’s life. Farouk wants to help undo the damage he caused. David is determined to end his pain through time travel. Lenny just wants to keep her family safe. Without a time traveler to fix the past, they look to the future for salvation. 

    Pain blossoms in his chest. David looks down and sees— Blood? A small patch and then— spreading—

    Oh. Someone shot him in the back.

    He’s dying.

    He tries to struggle to his feet, but falls against the opposite wall. Fresh pain steals his breath, and he gasps as he turns to see whatever faceless Division 3 soldier finally took him down.

    But it’s not a faceless Division 3 soldier. It’s Syd.

    It’s like being shot a second time, right through the heart.