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    It took a good while longer than expected, but I finally have my closing date for the new house. It’s right before the holidays so it’s looking likely that I won’t actually be able to move in until early January. Everyone in my family is running around like headless chickens right now due to a half-dozen Major Life Events happening at once, and frankly my move is the lowest priority out of all of them (they are some seriously major life events). So what I’m probably going to do is what I planned for initially: the new house is only a five minute drive away, so I’m just going to start bringing over my stuff a few boxes at a time and set things up as I go, leaving the big stuff like the large furniture and the various “can only be packed the day before the move” stuff for last. I can move over most of my small furniture as well, as I have a large assortment of small tables/carts/bookshelves that will fit a few at a time into my car. And I have two dollies so in truth I could move all of my stuff this way except for the sofa, bed, dinner table, large cabinet, and some oversize chairs.

    Anyway, I figure I’ll start with the boxes I packed first, which have items I don’t need to have immediate access to.

    The last big thing I need to take care of before the actual move-in is my books. I have a ton of books that I need to sell, quite a lot of them genre/fannish. I’ll be making a list and posting it to see if anyone wants to buy things like large complete runs of Star Trek and Doctor Who novels. There are a few things I’m likely to keep but I have electronic copies of almost everything I liked so I do want to get rid of most of them.

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    “I shall serve no otherYou are MY king…”

    Here’s something I snuck between some bigger projects (which are keeping me from being too active - sorry if I’ve been unresponsive! Let me make up for it with… well, art, lol.) This was another sketch that evolved into a rough animation. The magical crown idea wouldn’t leave my head and I couldn’t resist giving it a shot… Pretty pleased with how it turned out! And ya, I have a thing for Merlin being so fiercely loyal that he comes across a bit dark and possessive… Arthur likes it too! 😉

    (My Art Tag) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks.


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    sooner or later I had to do it