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    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how no one, absolutely no one, supported Victor when he went off to be a coach. He was actually excited for the first time in an age, probably nervous, and no one cared; everyone told him he was making a huge mistake and made fun of him, and when he made his debut no one ever wanted to hear about his coaching or his choreography, they just asked him over and over about when he was going to, essentially, stop messing around and get back to the ice.

    Fortunately it’s not *too* sad because we all know how it worked out and how happy he was to be with Yuri; but I still wish someone had acknowledged that he’d done so well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to seeing Victor skate again, but I hope he finally gets some acknowledgement for the success he made of being a coach (through, I hope, Yuri’s continuing success). I’m hoping he can make a go of being a skater and a coach, to prove all the naysayers wrong, and also because it’s what he wants to do and what will make him happy.


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    Ayyy I’m glad this was confirmed!

    Because before it was unclear whether Victor got mad because of Yurio calling Yuuri a pig (or rather, cattle, in Japanese), or because of what Yurio said right here:


    which then immediately led to the face grab.

    But now, it’s clear that Yurio’s original comment upset Victor and his later addition only caused him to resort to using light physical force.

    If you look at the screenshots at the top of this post, you’ll notice that Victor is turned away when Yurio approaches him and only turns around and leans in to face him after Yurio throws the insult regarding Yuuri in his direction. That’s when we see Victor enter his confrontational stance - bending his back to match Yurio’s height (something he’s never done before) in order to belittle him, placing his hands in his pockets to show that he doesn’t give a shit and has the upper-hand anyway, and half-lidding his eyes and smiling in order to highlight his contempt for Yurio in that moment. Add to that the overly-sweet, clearly patronizing crooning and we have the full picture of a genuinely livid Victor.

    And he’s genuinely livid because a kid that he knows swears all the time and never really cares insulted Yuuri.

    And now, that’s definitely canon.

    And I’m very happy with these guide/fanbook interviews.


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    How many Eros routines is it gonna take till we get to this level




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    This is probably what happens in their hotel room after every banquet


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