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  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 81

    “There were a lot of things in your childhood that taught you to hide your pain. But you’re a very open person. I think you always have been. The lessons that taught you to be closed must have been extremely harsh.”

    David takes that in. “But when Farouk changed me— He made me trusting.”

    “We don’t know exactly what he did or how he did it,” Ptonomy says. “Personality is a complex thing. We know he gave you strong memories of safety and love. Those memories gave you a sense of secure attachment that you didn’t actually have growing up. Secure attachment helps us trust. Applied retroactively to a traumatized mind— That might explain a lot.”

    “Feeling loved without feeling loved,” David says. “I think— He made a cocktail out of Mom and Amy. In my memories. Like Benny and Lenny.”


  • New Bechdel-like test for gay/lesbian romance films:


    Your gay characters cannot:

    1. Have an illegal or otherwise creepy age gap.
    2. Cheat on each other or anyone else (especially not if the cheating is portrayed as romantic)
    3. Die tragically, violently or AT ALL. 


  • photo from Tumblr


    found an article beautifully detailing the making of legion. this revamped my appreciation for the stylistic decisions of the show. lots of eye opening info.

    article here:


  • glofigs:


    I’m putting out an ask because I can’t find what im looking anymore.

    A few months back, I saw on a social media platform of some kind, a photo of Dan Stevens and his wife Susie at the Jimmy Choo Esquire Party in 2013 and they’re stood a few centimetres apart but talking to other people. I don’t want it for personal reasons, it’s just frustrating because I know the photo exists, I’d just like to see it again

    If anyone has it or knows where I can find it, please drop me a message 🙂



    reblogging for a bump!


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    David and Syd have a talk in the astral plane about consequences. Takes place between Chapters 16 and 18. Prompt by @sydneybarett. <3