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  • Almost there

    I took a break from the map to make some progress on the Augury outline. I’ve roughed out (very rough) 29 chapters at this stage and converted all my story note piles into chapter note piles. I’m also finally starting to get a handle on Morgana’s headspace and her arc, though I have a lot to figure out for the back half of it. And there’s some plot points I’m still chewing over.

    All that said, my outline for the first third of the fic is solid enough to get started. I think the best way to figure out the rest of the outline’s issues is to actually start writing and see how it develops. With the 4th coming up I’ll have a three day weekend and my goal is to try and make a start on chapter 1. I’m so ready to get back in the flow. I hope to also have enough time this weekend to finish the map and get it posted.

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    wow everything hurts 3000% more than it’s supposed to thanks 5.13 this was meant to be fluffy


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    Warning! cute!ArthurPendragon


  • Map Progress

    I’m almost done with the Map of Camelot. It took several days of fiddling to figure out where everything went, even having already sorted out the general regions. I’ve also named all the shires in the kingdom, mostly by taking the name of the most prominent feature. I’m going to go through the location list one more time and make sure everything matches up, probably also will organize the current location list by shire as well as region. Then I need to finish adding iconography to the map and trace out the main roads.

    Once the map is done and posted, I’ll be able to get back to the Augury outline and figure out the travel times. And then I can get my hands in. I’m past the biggest speed bump for figuring out everything and feel ready to get the full outline sorted.

    In other news, mosquito season has officially started. :-P Got my first bug bites this weekend so it’s time to bring out the DEET. *sighs* So it goes. We’re also already getting into the now-routine summer drought so I got my garden irrigation going. Apparently it’s too much to ask for rain in the summer nowadays.

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  • Merlin Porn Fest


    Hey all! Most of you will have seen by now that the glorious Summer Pornathon has taken its last smutty bow and will not be running again (RIP in peace). I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this was an amazing fest which will be dearly missed! But I 100% respect the mods’ decision to stop when the going was good and to not hand the reins to someone else, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their tireless service to the world of filth!

    However… those of you who were hoping to continue the dirty goodness this year might be feeling all turned on with no-one to feel up. So I just wanted to put a post up to gauge interest in a different Merlin porn fest going ahead this summer. It will be both fic and art friendly, and likely have a weekly theme and probably a word limit but I don’t think there will be teams and voting in the same way. In other words, it will be inspired by Pornathon but definitely not trying to rehash its irreplaceable legacy! 

    Nothing is set in stone yet, but if people are interested in going ahead, please do reblog or like this, or feel free to message me here or on LiveJournal! And then we can take it from there…


    (If any Summer Pornathon mods are worried we’re planning to step on their toes, please do contact me, because I assure you we have no plans to carbon copy your fest or steal from all the hard work you’ve done over the years!)