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  • Legion: David Haller [INFP]




    Introverted Feeling (Fi): David is emotional in an intensive manner, saving his affection and intimacy for those he cares about most, namely Amy and Sydney. His love for them is undoubtedly deep and boundless, but he finds it difficult to articulate; on the other hand, he often evades intimate expression with awkward humor and misdirection, but will literally do everything in his power for them. 
         Moreover, David deeply longs for acceptance, especially since his mental condition has made him a societal pariah. It is interesting to note, however, and this is quite common in Fi-doms (and very evident in David), that usually the ones who have the hardest time accepting Fi-doms are themselves. Certainly, this mindset bleeds into the interactions they have with others. In David’s case, for instance, his relationship with his sister Amy is a contradictory mix of love and estrangement. Because of his ‘schizophrenia,’ he feels that Amy will never understand him, creating an insurmountably distance between them; and yet because she is the only one that really cares about him (at least at the beginning of the show), he feels that she is quite close to him. How this plays out in their interactions is a mix of implicit “you’ll never understand me” and “I need you.”
         Oddly enough, though it makes sense, David finds acceptance in a group of strange individuals, though it takes a while for him to warm up to them. My theory is that in the beginning of the season, David actually doesn’t want to leave Clockworks mental hospital because at the very least he is free to be himself there. Of course, that security is false and merely institutional, proving a tendency toward Fi-Si looping. Thus he is initially wary when [SPOILER] he join’s Melanie’s group, especially when they require a few memory-probing sessions. His Fi tendencies lead him to be quite private about his inner life, but he loosens up when he bonds with Sydney and finds comfort in their acceptance of him as he is.
         In fact, a large theme that the show explores is differences and uniqueness, especially as it relates to mental health - those who are diagnosed as mentally ill are argued in the show to be gifted with difference, rather than be labeled as ab-normal and cast out of society. This theme resonates with and through the character of David, who eventually learns to accept his own ‘illness’ as creative and beautiful.

    Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Honestly, the whole show is a gorgeous Ne-fest. It’s brilliant in terms of the story it tells, but more so, especially regarding Ne, in how it tells this story through unconventional form and narrative structure. As for David, he is originally diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia,’ which is arguably Ne taken to a psychological extreme. The show later reveals [SPOILER] that his condition is less a clinical schizophrenia than it is powers to literally re-form reality itself (shameless plug: this also makes the way the show’s production doubly cool - I always appreciate when creators care enough to make their work not only say something brilliant, but also when their work does what it says; the show is art and poetry).
         The argument against David as an Ne-dom is that while David has access to Ne, it does not come as naturally to him as, say, Oliver, who I think is an Ne-dom. In fact, it is usually what aids David in getting out of trouble: thinking outside the box and finding connections between disparities. In other words, he grows into his Ne the more he finds power in it, both literally and metaphorically.

    Introverted Sensing (Si): Although Si is not primarily a memory function, its comparative processing nature finds its basis in past experience. For David, there are select memories and experiences that haunt him [SPOILER] (drug addiction, The Angriest Boy in the World, suicide attempt, etc.). He often loops when these memories are triggered by some internal emotional affect or the breakdown of illusory security (Fi-Si). For instance, he wallows in his broken mental condition that no one can really understand, and he becomes stubborn when [SPOILER] the ‘bad guys’ capture his sister and he wants to go it alone to save her (Fi-Si loop leading to Te grip).

    Extraverted Thinking (Te): [SPOILER] When David becomes trapped in a coffin in his mind (don’t ask, just watch) - arguably a manifestation of his looping mechanism with tert-Si - a different self emerges in David’s mind, calling it-self David’s rational self (“I’m British, aren’t I?” lol, because I mean the actor for David really is British, who, by the way, also plays the Beast in the latest live-action blockbuster The Beauty and the Beast). This other self, one might say the suppressed ‘inferior’ self, wants to focus on the facts of the situation alone, listing things that are externally known and coherent, in order to help David get free.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I’m INFP also!!!!!!
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  • The World's Angriest Boy In The World - versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]



    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Legion (TV)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Characters: David Haller, Amy Haller, Philly (Legion), Benny (Legion), Amahl Farouk | Shadow King
    Additional Tags: Season/Series 01, Suicide Attempt, Canon Compliant, Angst, Character Study, Drugs, Psychological Trauma, Psychological Torture, First Meetings, Medication, Self-Medication, Schizophrenia, Pre-Canon, Despair, Telepathy, Telekinesis

    David, to despair and back again; or: the true story of how David ended up in Clockworks.

    Spoilers for season 1, but set before the series starts. TW: canon attempted suicide, lots of bad thoughts.

    The show itself seems a bit above my paygrade, but I beta’d this for basic edits and the writing is great—visceral and hard from the topic itself, so please mind all tags—just as well done as all of Versaphile’s existing library of excellence, so a major recommendation from me if the show or topics are your jam!