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  • All Good In The Head Now? - versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

    For the @clockworksficexchange​ and @usetheladiesroom.

    After teleporting out of Division 3, David takes him and Lenny to an unassuming Waffle House and they deal with the aftermath over waffles and cornflakes respectively.

    Thanks to @mossomness for betaing and @hexiva for running the exchange!


  • A Cosmic Field Of Multidimensions With No Outer Limits To Speak Of - versaphile - Legion (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

    For the @clockworksficexchange​ and @rockinlibrarian​.

    Oliver hates being stuck in the ice cube so he travels into other people’s dreams. And then one day, he finds the dream of two people who are also one person…

    Thanks to @mossomness for betaing and @hexiva for running the exchange!


  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 88

    “Kerry,” Amy says, trying to draw her back, “Lenny isn’t just Lenny. She’s also Benny, and— Benny is the one who’s like Walter.”

    “Oh,” Kerry says, and now it’s clicking. “So— We have to get Benny out?”

    “We can’t,” Amy says. “Lenny is also Benny now, and she has to learn to deal with that. That’s going to be very hard for her. And— She also needs our help because her detachment syndrome is getting worse, and that makes it harder for her to control the Benny parts of her.”

    “If she’s dangerous, we have to keep her away from David,” Kerry insists.

    “David needs her,” Amy says. “Lenny doesn’t want to hurt David. She didn’t want to hurt you. When you’re ready to go back to the lab, I’m sure she’ll want to apologize.”

    “I don’t care about her stupid apology,” Kerry says, annoyed. “I want to punch her in the face.”

    “Punching isn’t the answer for everything,” Amy says.


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  • When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open - Chapter 87

    His thought could have been her own. It’s full of the same relief and yearning she felt after David’s return, after spending hours with him in timeless space of the white room and then returning to their bodies, to reality. They were together again, and she never wanted to leave but the world dragged them back, undeniable.

    “It must have been very hard for you, being apart from David for so long,” Syd says. “Being apart from him now.”

    “We’re together again,” Dvd insists.

    “But not the way you could be,” Syd says. “Your relationship with him was intense. That was taken away from you. And now— You have to make a new relationship with him, a better one. But you don’t know what that is, and— It’s scary.”

    She desperately wishes she could see his face.

    ‘She knows,’ Dvd thinks. 'How does she—’ “So what if it is?” he says, defensive.

    “I’m just saying,” Syd says. “I understand. How you feel for David— It’s difficult to want someone, to love them, but— For that love to cause them pain. For your need to be with them to hurt them.”