The Annotated Martian

Transcripts of the the BBC series Life on Mars, complete with lyrics, historical background, reference explanation, slang definitions, and reality markers.

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The Episodes

Your guide to interpreting the annotations:

Unreality Key: Audial Visual Dream Ambiguous
Information Key: Reference Slang Music Explanation

Season One

Episode One In which Sam Tyler has a very bad day, and wakes up in a very bad year.
Episode Two In which evidence is the problem, and conviction the solution.
Episode Three In which there is a death at the Mill, and gay boy science vs armed bastards.
Episode Four Star In which favours are exchanged, and the bent must become unbent.
Episode Five In which there are City fans, United fans, and undercover cops in a boozer.
Episode Six In which Sam must thwart two deadlines at 2pm.
Episode Seven In which the police must police themselves.
Episode Eight In which Sam thinks he's found the reason.

The Extras

Test Card Girl Star A compliation of the appearances of the Test Card Girl.
The Doctors Star A compilation of the hospital- and doctor-related hallucinations.
Neil Star Just what's up with Neil, anyway?
Quotes Star Quotable dialogue from the show.

The Show

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Fan Fiction

The Life on Mars Fanfiction Archive - Open to all types and pairings.


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Season One DVD - Region 2 from the BBC Shop.
Huntisms - A collection of definitive Gene Hunt quotes, in mp3 format. - Screencaps, LJ user icons, and Gene/Sam slash.


Thanks to phantym_56 for the original transcriptions.